Brand Protection and Marketplace Management Assessment

Understand where your brand is on the Marketplace Management journey.

Does your Brand sell a premium product?
Do you have an Employee analyzing the tracked results?
Do you have a policy for 3P sellers on Marketplace sales channels?
What is your ideal capabilities of your marketplace management program?
Are you currently working with a tracking company?
Do you have a procedure to identify and confidently address Unauthorized 3P Sellers at Scale?
Will your Brand adjust sales policies to protect product and brand value if necessary?

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Amazon,eBay, and other marketplace sales channels have become the go-to destinations for grey market activity for many reasons. The high volume of traffic and buyers on Amazon provides sellers with a bigger audience for their products. Additionally, Amazon's eCommerce platform is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to set up a shop and start selling. eBay is also a popular choice for grey market sellers due to its large audience and easy-to-use platform. Both take a hands-off approach to seller regulation, which has led to present issues for manufacturers needing to address grey market goods being sold on the site. Marketplace sales channels put pressure on product values, affecting profitability, market share, and long-term brand health. There is a solution to this issue and this assessment will help us determine where to start. By taking the time to understand the sellers operating in the grey market, companies can develop strategies to protect their products and improve their bottom line.