Brands generally find themselves in one of four categories when it comes to addressing Brand protection and the Grey Market.  “Getting Started,” “Hopeful Skeptic,” an “Expert” approach and finally those brands that have a “Relentless Determination,” to protect their product values and Brand Equity.


Getting Started

In some cases, these brands are young, or their sales and distribution have grown to the point where marketplace listings have started to impact the brands product values.


Hopeful Skeptic

Brands in this category are working with a Tracking company and likely have marketplace management responsibilities as a part of an employee's job (often Sales), but usually not their sole responsibility.  They can usually enforce their MAP policies, but the Grey Market is a challenge.



Brands in this category work with a Tracking company and likely have an employee dedicated to marketplace management.  These companies have a marketplace strategy, enforce their MAP policy and invest some time in addressing unauthorized 3P marketplace sellers


Relentless Determination

There are two differences between Experts and the  Relentlessly Determined.  They are, the ability to confidently address the Grey Market at scale and the willingness to aggressively enforce policies to protect product values