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There are several things to consider when you’re getting started managing marketplace listings.  The first thing Brands need to consider is what is the current situation. 


What do your existing policies state.  How does your Brands current policies enable or impede your desired marketplace goal.  

From there, successful Brands will go down two simultaneous paths.

  • One, address what changes to sales policies need to be made to enable long term desired marketplace activity, and

  • Two set up protocol to manage current policies. 

Getting Started

Architect Drawing Blueprint
Have an End Goal

Understanding your current situation and long-term desired goals and how long it will take to transition to that point will inform the tools and services required to achieve the long-term result.

Typing on a Computer
Make the Data work for You

If your Brand isn’t using a tracking service, you will need one.  The Counter Diversion solution works with the information provided from several tracking companies and there is a tracking services guide in the content menu.


The Counter Diversion team can answer any of your questions and concerns.

It is important to understand what a brands capabilities are when addressing the grey market.  Getting started putting together a process and plan can feel overwhelming, but there is a solution and you can tailor it to your needs. Counter Diversion can help you identify exactly what you want to accomplish and set up the tools and process to achieve it, protecting you market-share, profitability and brand health.

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