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Hopeful Skeptic


The Hopeful Skeptic

Brands in this category understand that unauthorized marketplace activity needs to be addressed and have put some resources behind addressing the issue.  They usually find themselves in a situation where they can enforce their policies against their authorized sellers, but struggle with the unauthorized 3P sellers.  Questions Brands in this category need to ask;

•What is the gap between our current situation and desired situation?

•What’s stopping us from bridging the gap to get to our desired result.

Often, after a brand has installed a clear distribution process, established a strict merchandising guideline, enacted, and strictly adhered to a MAP program (with a monitoring service) there remains the problem of unauthorized 3P marketplace sellers that work to undermine all that effort. Once they believe they have everything in place, they realize they have a problem – 3P sellers. They then want to know the address and other information on these 3P’s so they can ‘shut them down’. There are two issues with that: #1, these sellers are great at hiding, and can be very difficult to root out; #2, these sellers can be discovered, only to find out that they obtained the product legally – but the brand is not sure where they are getting it from. That’s where Counter Diversion steps in – Counter Diversion is the final step in Brand Protection.


The Counter Diversion team can answer any of your questions and concerns.

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