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We have a low-pressure sales approach.  We believe our solution is an important piece to manage unauthorized 3P marketplace sellers for most companies, but not all companies.  We want to help you protect your Brand and can provide multiple options.

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The Counter Diversion team has over 60 years of combined experience in the Marketplace Management, Consumer Goods and Data Management and Warehousing fields.


The solution came together at the intersection of this deep understanding of data management, the importance of Brand Health and the growing Grey Market issue on marketplace sales channels.


The solution focuses on managing the first ship point for the product, which is the key to clean distribution.  Whether it is an authorized account, domestic or international distributor, the first shipping destination of the product is the entity that Brands must implore to adhere to their policies and take care of their product value.  The further that products get from a Brands distribution center, the less allegiance a seller has to the Brand, nor an interest in adhering to a Brands’ Sales and eCommerce policy.  Protecting and improving Brand Equity is vital for long term sales and brand health.   The first ship point of your product  is what the Counter Diversion model is built around, allowing brands to confidently enforce their policies.

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