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The most advanced solution to permanently safeguard your Business from Unauthorized Amazon and eBay Sellers

Unauthorized 3P Sellers on marketplace sales channels like Amazon and eBay can rob Brand Health by driving down product values.  The Counter Diversion process returns Marketplace distribution control to the Brand.


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The Counter Diversion Service Focuses on

Identify the Source of Product Diversion

When a company finds out its products are being sold on the grey market, it is important to identify the source in order to enforce the brand's sales policies. Grey market sellers often undercut prices. This results in lost profits and decreased brand value for the company. By identifying and shutting down the source of these products, companies can better protect their sales policies and ensure that their products are being sold in a way that upholds their brand values.

Reduce Price Compression

Price compression impacts profitability, impacting future product development, marketing, R&D and Brand Health. 

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The ins and outs of the $2 Trillion online Marketplace sales.  Pitfalls, Success Stories and Strategies.

Returning Distribution Channel Control

"Uncontrolled distribution jeopardizes the supplier’s positioning and segmentation strategies, as well as performance by legitimate resellers of the obligations associated with the brand, such as inventory and service levels or other desirable behavior that helps differentiate the brand and maintain its value." 

Restore Product Values

The cumulation of product values offered by a brand is the key driver of Brand Health. We will give you the information to specifically and holistically understand and stop how your product values are being compromised on Marketplace Sales channels like Amazon and eBay.

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Counter Diversion is a boutique SaaS company - we don't have marketing and we don't use high-pressure sales tactics. Our goal is to have solid, honest conversations about the issues at hand and then either recommend our service or another one that is a better fit for your needs. If you'd like to engage in that type of discussion, please schedule a free consultation.

What Our Clients Say


Footwear and Apparel Executive

The detail to quickly zero in on the source of product to unauthorized 3P Sellers has allowed us to have some tough conversations and make sound adjustments to drive profitablity.

Fists in Solidarity

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