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The dynamics of marketplace sales channels like Amazon, eBay, Jet, and others, will constantly put pressure on the value of products and ultimately the value of Brands. The Dealers that a Brand originally set up to service a specific local market are no longer competing with the account across town, they are now competing with accounts and sellers across the country. This increased competition and Seller anonymity drive price pressure on those products, especially when service levels between sellers is consistent and the only differentiation is price.

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The Counter Diversion service is a micro vertical within the Marketplace monitoring industry that specifically focuses on returning distribution channel control to the manufacturer. Counter Diversion's algorithm analyzes thousands of data points to identify the source of product diversions to unauthorized 3P Sellers, reducing price compression and restoring control of product and Brand value to the Brand.

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It is likely that 5-10% of your authorized account base is driving 90% + of the unauthorized and disruptive Grey Market listings affecting your Brand. The rest of your dealer base must work harder to compete and is being burdened to match online prices and your larger customers are probably struggling to meet their margin requirements.

For your larger retail partners – The inability to achieve margin requirements for your larger customers who have higher overhead will create increased requests for refunds, returns or markdowns. They will be compelled to invest in competing Brands that can deliver higher margins or create private label offerings on products you offer to round out your line that are considered either a commodity or where product development cost is low and effort is minimal.

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For your other customers and your online presence – If the marketplaces have stripped you of your brand value your products will not demand the wholesale price that they once did, which puts pressure on your development teams to take cost out of your products, cheapening your offering. What will this do to your product reviews? Will your loyal customers consider other options? Are you now competing with value brands and private labels? Are you still able to appropriately invest into research and development to drive your brand forward?

6 Reasons why managing your Distribution Channel and Enforcing your Agreements and Policies is the most important thing you can do for your brand.

1. Price Model of Marketplace Sales Channels | Marketplace Sales channels are designed to put pressure on the value of your products by increasing the supply to the market from multiple sellers competing for the same sale.

Price Model of Marketplace Sales Channel

2. Effect on total Brand Equity | Without the ability to “manage” your distribution channel, the perceived value for your products won’t hold the same value they once did. Multiple products with a reduced value will have an accumulative negative affect on the value of your Brand. If your Brand Value is compromised consumers are more likely to accept alternative options.

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3. New Competition at lower prices | If the perceived value of your products doesn’t hold your MSRP, you are competing with value and private label brands on tighter margins.

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4. Effect of your sales with your Retail Partners | Your larger national retailers have margin requirements. Failure of your products to deliver those margins result in markdowns or returns.

Effect of your sales with your Retail Pa

5. Less effective advertising campaigns and losing bids on key products | Your search budget on Amazon gets suspended when you are not winning the buy box. Amazon controls sponsored product ads and has 119 private label brands on which they are always winning the buy box.

Less effective advertising campaigns and

6. Limiting the reach of your products | Strategies to limit distribution to exclude independent retailers is essentially using a broad brush to eliminate the source of product diversion and drastically diminishes the return of your marketing efforts and market share.



Control Disruptive listings and raise Advertised Product Values | Protecting and improving Brand Equity is vital for long term sales and brand health. There will be some growing pains as brands determine who is and who is not a good retail partner. By aligning sales with retail partners who adhere to your MAP policies and cutting ties with those who do not, brands build more value and expected profitability in their products.

Control Disruptive listings and raise Ad

This leads to:

  1. Improved Market Share | Retailers will choose to partner with brands who can manage their distribution channel and protect their margin.

  2. Greater Direct to Consumer Traffic | If consumers aren’t seeing discounted prices on Marketplace sales channels, they are more likely to turn to the Brands own website, choosing a relationship with the manufacturer or where the best customer service experience exists.

  3. Less Markdown support to retail partners | With a more secure initial markup, retail partners have more room in their margin requirements to sell and promote products on their own. In addition, Lost Buy Box metrics will be lower allowing a brand's advertising to operate as intended.

Sample of client results

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Filius Bonacci became aware of the challenges that Retailers are facing within their Distribution channel, leading to a collaboration with Counter Diversion, a leader in the Grey market area.

Utilizing Filius Bonacci’s deep understanding of data, Counter Diversion has been able to leverage that knowledge to develop a solution working with tracking data that helps Retailers keep their Brand Value from being compromised.

 The effect on total Brand Equity can be costly, if your Brand Value is compromised consumers will be more likely to accept alternative options, making Filius Bonacci’s and Counter Diversion’s solution the logical choice when seeking a method that helps keep your Brand secure.